Friday, 17 November 2017

Day 321, 17 Nov 2017: Craning for a view...

Day 321: ...working hard for a festival

There was a Qld premier who once said you could judge the state's economic health by the number of cranes on the skyline. Well, I guess on a port those cranes have a different purpose but there has been a rathe large one on the horizon of late. 

It comes and goes, I don't know quite how it is moved around. But it was back today, and just stood out. 

The window cleaners were back at work. 

And down below?

All the barging

Crane of cranes

Minor cranes

Best view

Office view

Preparations in the quad for another weekend of showing off student creativity with a student festival and open day at the Ariake campus. It is going to be a fun* weekend We work hard for these days. (*fun qualified...I have 'meet the parent interviews')

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 10.28am, 12.58pm-12.59pm, 2.41pm; 17 November 2017] 

Day 320, 16 Nov 2017: So much blue...

Day 320: much sparkle

How do these blue skies happen? They are just so exhilarating. The clarity, the sun, the sparkles. I had work to do today, of course, last days of term three before term four starts (next week!) but so much of the day was just so.

Of course, it didn't start like that. An accident on on the metro affected my usual train line to work requiring a bit of quick thinking, alternate routes, a bit of annoyance...

Clear skies above

Sparkles to the right...

Blue water to the left (same time)


But really, the sparkles from the office, at the end of the line, at the end of the morning's disruption made it fade away pretty quickly. 

Oh, until the evening staff meeting. Enough said. Staff meetings need more sparkles. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 11.35am-11.36am, 1.42pm; 16 November 2017]

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Day 319, 15 Nov 2017: A resounding yes...

Day 319: ...rainbows win

All day today, my social media timelines have rained rainbows (not technically speaking). The long-awaited result of the postal survey was announced early this morning my time and the result was a resounding yes, a great relief I imagine for LGBTQI friends and colleagues but a process they shouldn't have had to endure. Imagine being surveyed about your rights by an entire nation. This is not the intent of citizen referenda used elsewhere nor is it a 'democratic' and 'fair' process as spruiked by anti-ssm advocates. 

It was prying, unnecessary and unfair. But the result was celebrated all day (and probably into the night). 

There is a rainbow bridge not far from my office and I hoped it might be lit up tonight by coincidence. It wasn't. But the sky, approaching sunset, did its very best to add, if not rainbows, then some rather lovely pastels to the atmosphere. 

Sunset clouds 1

Sunset clouds 2

Sunset clouds 3

Congratulations my friends. But may you never have to be put through such undignified processes ever again. Best wishes and happily ever afters to you all. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 4.41pm; 15 November 2017] 

Day 318, 14 Nov 2017: A touch of rain...

Day 318: ...winter approaches

Very early start today. The Peace Studies course final assessment presentation was to start at 9.10 sharp and since I told students last week the door would be locked then and they wouldn't be able to join the class until the break...then I had to make sure I got there too. 

Early start. Hoping the trains would work in all directions. On time. 

Some of the students' work
They did. Fortunately. 

Now there is a pile of marking to be done by next week. Oh the joys of academe. 

At some point too, it started raining while I was examining and assessing. And the chill winds of winter are approaching, the trees have lost nearly all their leaves. it is happening rather quickly. 

A shower

Is it winter yet/

The view from the office always offers something interesting, whatever the season. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 11.46am, Lumix TZ-85, 2.57pm-2.58pm; 14 November 2017] 

Day 317, 13 Nov 2017: Let happiness be...

Day 317: ...every day

My University established a happiness research institute last year. It is part of the university's mission statement to 'create peace and happiness in the world'...let's not worry about the small stuff!

As part of the institute's program, we hold seminars, symposiums, fora and the like for staff and students alike to think about the big questions. Today we had two visitors from Bhutan, a country that has made it its business over the last decade or so to transform the world's idea of productivity from Gross Domestic or National Product (GD/NP) to Gross National Happiness (GNH). 

Neten Zangmo (L) and Tzelin Dolzi

It was a delightful 90 minute discussion of positivity and hope (without being too detached with a rose-coloured view). 

There was interpretation going on between Bhutanese, English and Japanese, ideas flowing and to watch the two guests exude a real sense of calm and contentment was a lesson in itself. 

It was certainly an inspiring moment in the day. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 1.35pm; 13 November 2017] 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Day 316, 12 Nov 2017: Towards peace...

Day 316: ...a day in the park

This will be a post in two parts: part one here, pic of the day: part two will be over the way on psephy's ~ologies because the day crossed over between work and walk, as Sundays often do. I found myself spending much of today at a local park, coincidentally called the 'Peace Park', where a committee had gathered several groups who seek to maintain peace, preserve Japan's constitution and don't want to see Japan return t war. But I'll talk more about that elsewhere. 

It also happened to be a remarkable blue sky day and the leaves were turning, as they do in autumn, and the ducks were ducking. 

Leaves and stools

Blue sky

On the ground


Sunlight and red


Heads up

One of the peace monuments

Someone said food?

Ripple effect

High and dry

Making mochi cakes, soon


I do have to admire the resolve of people like this who work hard and really believe in this kind of activity. It is all volunteer work and they all hope that peace will be maintained. It shouldn't be that hard, really. It was also nice to find another local park, I might return.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 11.23am-11.49am, 4.13pm; 12 November 2017] 

Day 315, 11 Nov 2017: A sequel...

Day 315: ...of sorts

It was a sequel of sorts today. A sequel to flocking Friday. It was back to the office in the afternoon to attend to preparations for next week's tests. Of course it is Saturday, so of course I would be in the office. 

When I looked up for a moment, I saw this...

A gathering

Taking flight

A blur

Taking fright

Then it ended with that boat but a bit of a phenomenon I've not seen on the port previously. It looked for a little while like lots of adult birds overseeing swimming lessons for the littlies but no, all big ones by the look of the way they all flew away fairly quickly. 

Clouding layers

And then the clouds came over towards the end of the day. I was still intrigued by what I'd seen though. Working on Saturdays can be like that. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 3.16pm-3.23pm, 3.48pm; 11 November 2017]