Thursday, 28 January 2016

Day 27 2016: Look up, look down...

Day 27: ...keep on keeping on

Moving right along. That seems to be the theme. The work continues, the packing continues, the carting and transporting continues. 

In between, there are reports to write, articles to draft, new syllabi to complete. It just seems one needs to keep one's head down and press on. 

Certainly the youngish joey was offering that hint this afternoon. One of the things I will miss about the workplace is the abundant wildlife which has so regularly featured on this blog. Over the last few months, we've watched the joeys peek out, explore and gradually gain confidence in moving on...

For this one, mum was some distance away, not too far away, but 'brave enough' distance, and quite unconcerned about the long lensed-human ...

Grazing, grazing

Alert! but not alarmed

Carry on

As day fell into night.

Gaining confidence in moving on...I think there is a message there.

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 70-300mm, 6.23pm-6.24pm, 27 January 2016]

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Day 26 2016: A public holiday...

Day 26: ...a day for reflection on many things

Today is a national holiday, commemorating the landing of British settlers and convicts on a part of the coast not far from where I was born in Sydney. I've always thought of it as that day, for better or worse, more something for those in Sydney to look after. Instead, it is a huge national, bordering on jingoistic, day of Australian flags, green and gold, the Southern Cross and BBQs. 

Unless you are in the midst of moving offices. Which I am. So, off I went very early to pack up and transport the last shipment of books &c. from the office. Public holidays are good for that sort of thing. And it is done. Effectively. Thirty-one boxes later, my shelves are empty. 

Also best day for cheap movies, so it was quickly back to Brisbane to see a couple of movies as well, The Danish Girl and Looking for Grace. Both quite excellent in their own ways. 

On the way home, I could have stopped by a park where the remnants of the festivities were apparent, but instead, I just popped in to see progress on the resuscitation of the local waterway after some recent suspicious poisoning. You've seen it here before. 


Ducking between the lilypads


Not sure about the water


Although not quite back to its former calmness, it is fair to say it is getting there. 

A long, varied and tiring day, but one for good reflection on many things as well. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 70-300mm, 6.10pm-6.24pm, 26 January 2016]

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Day 25 2016: A day at the other Coast...

Day 25: ...and back again

A little unanticipated visit to the Gold Coast today to attend a couple of meetings with mum. The sort of meetings that should take just a short time but end up taking longer than they should. 

All of which left little time to do very much except snatch a glance at the Surfers skyline not far from mum's place, on my way home...


And a little peek at a shy moon. 

Moon in the eucalypt

A long day, more moving tomorrow. I'm ready. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 28-80mm, 7.20pm; 70-300mm, 10.15pm, 25 January 2016]

Day 24 2016: Speaking of boxes...

Day 24: office closed...

A little bit of rest today after yesterday's boxing efforts and yet, coincidentally, a box of another kind appeared today. I have a plan, at the end of the week, the end of my working time at a north coast university, plan a little celebration for self at a Brisbane Powerhouse concert. I could have bought tickets online...I could have called and bought them over the phone...

But no. I thought, 'what a lovely day for a boat ride'...yes, why not catch the CityCat around to New Farm Park, buy the tix in person, have a lovely day.

So, I did. Except, being a Sunday, the box office was, of course, closed...

But the Powerhouse is one of Brisbane's most photogenic buildings and a trip there for any reason is never wasted.

Holey moley


Who or what is diema

Blue sky, facades old and new

A short pitstop for coffee and refreshments and it was back on the boat, the bus and home. Ticketless for now, but a lovely day nonetheless.

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 28-80mm, 2.16pm-2.18pm  24 January 2016]

Day 23 2016: Waving goodbye, soon...

Day 23: ...but for now, just waves

So while most people are spending their Saturday sleeping in, reading papers leisurely on the back deck, mowing the lawn, etc...I decided to come to work to make a 'last push' effort in boxing up all the goods.

And it worked. It is all done. All books in their respective boxes. All shelves empty. Well, except for those last little bits and pieces which I will need to keep working until Friday. I think that effort deserved a little beach break...

Ships on the horizon

Cloudscape on sunset

Eastern sea, hint of sunset

Breaking news

And so set the sun

Except the breaks were quite big, choppy and surfer-free. But I did appreciate the sky, cloud and sea impressions. A reasonable way to end to a busy boxing day. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 70-300mm, 6.28pm-6.37pm, 23 January 2016]

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Day 22 2016: Looking ahead...

Day 22: ...but first, breakfast

Occasionally, just occasionally, I indulge in a slow breakfast/brunch moment with friends. It's a nice little get together and catch-up on life and its moments. Today we visited a rather lovely little place not far from home, The Jam Pantry. Scrumptious. Just as scrumptious as the instagram pics promise. 

I drive past this corner just about every day. I decided to arrive a little bit early to get the lowdown on this sculpture which I've seen but not had a chance to examine more closely. 

First view

Second view

Front view

It is called 'Boy &Girl' by Terry Summers, 2012. It is white bronze on a sandblasted granite plinth. The description says: 'Boy & Girl' depicts a young boy looking through his binoculars at the city while his younger sister pleads for a chance to have a look.The sculptures reference the Greenslopes centre's city view, the diversity of community visitors and also pupils from the school close by. 

So there you go. Quirky.  Breakfast and a little more learning about the local area.

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 28-80mm, 8.44am-8.46am, 22 January 2016]

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Day 21 2016: Don't wait...

Day 21: ...capture the light then and there

The days are long, the nights short. Or so someone said. They must have been someone packing with a resignation deadline of 'soon'. I also have to blog at the most inconvenient times at present. That would be due to a computer malfunction at couldn't hold out another three months or so could

So some extreme measures are called for: post, at lunchtime, on another machine. 

Don't wait for the afternoon light. Grab the morning sun. 

And don't worry if nothing else comes into your lens for the rest of the day...appreciate what is there in front of you. 

Even if it is another frangipani...

Frangipani in the morning sun 1

 Or another frangipani

Frangipani and leaf cover

Occasional bloomer

You can see why early photographers saw the light. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 28-80mm, 6.35am-6.36am, 21 January 2016]

Day 20 2016: Busy, busy, busy, but...

Day 20: ...make time to look up

An entire day taken over with looking into cartons, realising my self-imposed limit of books to send overseas is fast approaching and wondering how to get some bookcases home in my sedan...

These are the things. 

The things that occupy me at present. 

So that time in the late afternoon and early evening, when I have retrieved my car, brought it a little closer to the building to cart boxes (and bookcases) to it and prepare for the long drive home...

Even then, there was much to see. 

The artfully placed clouds on sunset...

Clouds in the spotlight

...and the moon. 

Almost a full moon

True to the objective of this blog, there is always something to stop, look and marvel at. Somewhere. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 70-300mm, 6.25pm, 20 January 2016]

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Day 19 2016: Time is running out...

Day 19: time for sitting around

I'm down to the last two weeks. I think everything is running largely to schedule. I think I will make all the final packing up and moving on. [Mantra to self]

And as I went to get the car this evening, it occurred to me that the number of times I have left to capture 'life on the lake' as we have, dear reader, come to know it, is also in countdown mode. 

Even the ducks seemed to want to show me how to skim along...

Sunlight, just right

On the move

Running on water
 ...but remember also to take a little time out to sit too...

Phew, relax

Hmm, I might already be missing the lake...even though I'm not yet (quite) gone. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 70-300mm, 5.35pm-6.05pm, 19 January 2016]

Day 18 2016: Exploring the coastline...

Day 18: ...again

Or, medication time: sit, rinse, repeat. I should find other 'reasons', if reasons were needed,to come out and see this wonderful landscape. I mean really. Look, it's beautiful Wellington Point:

As far as one's lens can see

The jetty always works a treat

Signs of Korean...

Lowest tides

...for all the crabs

Gentle welcome swallows...

Reflecting on the walk

This fellow picks up all the extraneous rocks at low tide..

Across the sands...


So much to take in, so much to think about, so...chilled.

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 28-80mm, 70-300mm, 10.55am-11.35am, 19 January 2016]

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Day 17 2016: Time to get out...

Day 17: ...and about

I really couldn't have a repeat of yesterday now dear reader, could I. Could I? Well, the body said yes, the mind said 'no, get up and about and start ticking items off that list of things to do and see before you leave'...I have a persuasive mind. 

So, with much to do about the house, I thought it timely to go and (finally) catch up with the William Robinson Gallery, in the old Government House at Gardens Point. William Robinson is a wonderful Brisbane artist and it is really marvellous to see his works concentrated in one place now. 

This particular exhibition has been curated by the Honourable Quentin Bryce, and it has her personal style and touch about it. 

Outdoor sculpture, Reverie 1, by Charles Robb, on the way

Robinson studio wares and objects in paintings

A sample of his paint

In a gallery of photos, this was my favourite, with the late Margaret Olley, another favourite artist

The Rainforest, 1990

The Rainforest, 1990, detail

Evening landscape with pandanus, 2006

With a lovely personalised comment by former Governor-General Bryce

Some of the 'little creatures'
Evening landscape with pandanus, 2006, detail

Pictures at an exhibition

Olde Government House, looking out and up

Olde Government House, wall detail
Well worth a visit. And after Government House, a stroll through the Botanic Gardens back to the city and onto the bus home. 

Government House from the steps to the Botanic Gardens


Colour too

water, fountain, bird = botanic gardens

A much better day out than yesterday (though the rest was good) and one more thing ticked off the list. 

[Camera : Canon EOS60D, 28-80mm, 2.10pm-4.12pm, 17 January 2016]