Friday, 30 June 2017

Day 180, 29 Jun 2017: A busy day at the office...

Day 180: ...and the port...and the station

On the way to work today there was yet another candidate for Sunday's election at the station, trying to convince the public to 'vote for me'. It is a hard job, this campaigning business, the candidates have to make their way around the electorate. It must be a bit bit depressing when the only person who stops to chat is the foreign professor of politics who doesn't have a vote...

Still, we politely acknowledge each other and go our separate ways.

And just at the city is alive with wannabe and incumbent politicians all over the place, so too the port today...racked and stacked as they say, movements all day.

On the van

Vote for me because...

Line up


On the way

Now, this intrigued...twin tugs

It all fits with the day overall really with intensive teaching and prep demands today. Good thing we're all busy, who knows what me might get up to otherwise.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 8.21am, 10.00am-10.15pm, 3.45pm, 4.14pm; 29 June 2017] 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Day 179, 28 Jun 2017: A day at work, broadly defined...

Day 179: ...but mostly on trains

As sometimes happens. Indeed, no sooner had I arrived at the office, attended to one or required chores, then I was off again, back over the other side of town for a seminar, another one about Japanese security, another one supporting the present government's (read Prime Minister) push to strengthen Japan's military. 

This is not the direction I am taking my work. But I acknowledge I am in a minority...

So there was much to-ing and fro-ing today between buses and trains and offices and seminars. Barely enough time to sit down really (except for the seminar). 

Oh, and dinner...favourite curry place: it's been a while.

Waiting for the bus


The election posters are up

Favourite neighbourhood topiary 

A random set of shots today, no real theme, or if there is a theme it is that I was constantly on the move snapping scenes at random. If that makes any sense. Some days are just like that. And that's not always a bad thing.


[Camera : iPhone 6S, 10.20am, 6.07pm, 6.49pm-6.50pm; 28 June 2017] 

Day 178, 27 Jun 2017: It was a day like any other...

Day 178:, really, it was...

And not a lot happened. Tuesday, a day at work--mostly prepping for classes later in the week,  planning for research endeavours, writing up just a little more of an article or two. 

Out on the port too, it was a day like any other day...little yella, towing and tugging...

We've got a rainy season trying very hard to be rainy...but not really succeeding (which suits me just fine during commuting hours). 

Comfort tug

Racing, unfair advantage

Helping hand



And there was another session at the gym. I'm really quite determined to make this work. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 2.46pm-3.24pm; 27 June 2017] 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Day 177, 26 Jun 2017: When you just don't plan the pics...

Day 177: ...the pics plan themselves

You just never know how the day will turn out, photographically-speaking (and other-speaking as well of course, but that is for another time...). Today was one of those days. 

The first thing to catch my eye today was the ivy on the wall of a house in the neighbourhood, on the way to the bus stop. And then, it just followed from there...notable plants along the way to work. All with the phone cam. How did that happen? I'm not sure really, except that they simply caught my eye along the way.

The port was the same, same, different as always, and the sky remained overcast as the clouds did their best to burst forth with the rain for the rainy season. But failed. 

So, it was the turn of the florals. 

Going up

Across the path

Nothing stops these ones

Inside the front gate

Oh, and I have finally booked my long-awaited trip to Finland, in a couple of months. I'm off to see the home of Jean Sibelius and his wife Aino, among other sights. And there will be pics, of course. Some days have the nicest surprises. 

[Camera : iPhone 6S, 11.07am, 2.48pm-2.57pm; 26 June 2017] 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Day 176, 25 Jun 2017: True, it never rains...

Day 176: just buckets down like a Queensland summer storm

(or, like they used to do...)

So yesterday, dear reader, you will recall it was a day (or evening) at a concert hall down the rail track I've passed many times but never been in. 

Well, today I was back there, for a friend's concert this time: a mandolin orchestra. It was a special anniversary for the orchestra, 100 years of playing. Pretty good for a community group. My orchestra back home has clocked up 45 years, we've got a bit of a way to go. 

There was a restriction on photographs during the performance but the building itself is quite a sight. 

Outside the Theatre

All the waiting

Before heading in

The Lobby

The escalator

The ceiling

From the concert hall on the 5th floor

Looking out


While I was there, I bought a ticket for a jazz orchestra concert in a couple of never rains but...

Hello, I think we've met before*

Trying to attract attention (with a seven samurai banner...?)

And at the end of the day, just to prove my work is never very far away, a candidate for the upcoming municipal election 'just happened' to be outside the theatre...thanks guys. That made me feel a whole lot better about the day. (>,<)

*If I recall correctly, this fellow was part of then candidate, now Governor Koike's team last year when I was doing the rounds. Now he is a candidate for next month's local election. Well, well...

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 12.39pm-12.51pm, 3.44pm, 4.07pm-4.08pm; 25 June 2017]  

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Day 175, 24 Jun 2017: To work, with a reason...

Day 175: finish on song

And so being Saturday and with no conferences to attend and proposals to finish and papers to write and essays to mark...well, naturally it was off to the office. But at least there was something to look forward to...

...besides the hydrangeas near work, which are just on song (too) at the moment...

Colour pots


with a hint of green 





Flea market




A fab concert in the evening, conducted by Simone Young, Australian conductor extraordinaire, who I would watch anywhere, anytime. Who could possibly complain about Saturday in the office when a concert beckons? 

Not me. Fabulous. (R. Strauss's Alpine Symphony a real highlight.)

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 4.52pm-4.55pm, 5.52-5.53pm; 24 June 2017]

Day 174, 23 Jun 2017: We all get by with a little help...

Day 174: ...wherever and whenever

At least, it certainly seemed to be that sort of day on the water. Different matter in the classroom. Some days, I don't know why we have classes on Fridays. It seems no-one wants to be there and/or they're already thinking of the weekend. But I guess if we abandoned Friday teaching we'd end up with the same problem on Thursdays...

...we could abandon Thursdays, repeat until...oh, days left. Never mind. But I digress. Perhaps there was something on my mind when I looked up from the desk from time-to-time to see lots of scurrying around over on the port today. 

Small boats scurrying to help small vessels and much moving around. Kind of unusual. 


Ships passing?

But wait


A bit of a nudge in the right direction

A fair tow

Approaching fast

'Allo, 'allo

Right, this way

We'll show you how it is done

Altogether now


Full steam

Perhaps I was thinking it would be nice to be out there helping instead of just talking to myself (apparently) in the classroom. Fridays. I'll be glad when they're done. 

At least there was the gym, at the end of the day. That helps. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 3.06pm-3.09pm, 3.31pm-3.34pm; 23 June 2017]