Sunday, 4 June 2017

Day 155, 4 Jun 2017: If it is Sunday...

Day 155: must be beach day

Yes, time to exercise my surf club membership and get down amongst the waves again. I think it is important to have one day off a week and even though the travelling time is about three hours there and back for about 90mins in the water and on the beach, there is something quite refreshing about getting in the sea. 

As I mentioned to someone today, lots of people like to go to the onsen, hot springs, all over Japan. As I do too. They are a wonderful way to relax. But as I was wading among the 15cm (yes, 15cm) waves, floating around, I realised that the waves and the sea, are my kind of 'onsen', not for the hot water but just for the relax.


Birds on the lookout

Through the canvas

Ropes, buoys

Abandoned castles

It's a sign...

Last run


Featuring seaweed

Castle moat

Shell : sand : seaweed



Distant mountains

Thongs bought in Kamakura

Abandoned shell house


Castle with moat

Be careful...

It is behind you...


Look up, Kamakura

It's a case of a nice long walk to the beach from the station, then to swim then back to the club and onto the deck to have a little refreshment of choice and watch the traffic pass beneath. Then a stroll along the beach, lens in hand before walking back to the station and back on board for the 90mins or so home. 

Yes, nice. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 2.50pm-2.53pm, 5.48pm-6.21pm; 4 June 2017]