Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Day 157, 6 Jun 2017: Step outside...

Day 157: ...you might be surprised

I planned to take a detour via the park on the way to the gym tonight, just for a different perspective on life and the surroundings. And since I was in my gym gear, instead of going around the front way (where I might have been seen by, I don't know, people who know (of) me), I opted to go around the back way.

Good decision. I didn't have to walk as far as the park to get a lensful of the freshest blooms of hydrangeas, right on the university boundary garden...

Well it's not a day on the port without lil yella




Blues and greens




More to come

It's a side of the uni I don't usually pass, it is not on the way to the station or the port or the huge open spaces I see from my office. But it was a pleasant surprise. It will be worth keeping an eye, or lens, on this spot.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 2.39pm, 5.33pm, 5.57pm-5.59pm; 6 June 2017]